Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Melding of Cultures

I remember learning in a painting class about Georgia O'Keeffe: the statements she made -- about just any subject -- were always so memorable. One, about the "...thin, dark veil of the Catholic Church spread over the New Mexico landscape" made such an impression on me. And, learning about the history of New Mexico strengthened my understanding of the importance of Catholicism in forming what New Mexican culture has become. The melding of Catholicism and native beliefs and religious practices have created our very unique culture.

Our Lady of the Green Corn

In "Our Lady of the Green Corn," I thought about that dark veil, about the golden aura around Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the "cloud terrace" headdresses worn in Pueblo ceremonies.  I thought of the importance of corn to the native peoples, and corn led me to crows, and crows to ravens. My mother said I had a "jackrabbit mind!"

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