Sunday, July 7, 2019

Thank You, Great Universe!

This morning I sat in my red rocking chair on our beautiful New Mexico patio, watching the birds have their breakfast while I enjoyed my coffee. Thinking to myself how grateful I am for those birds, my patio, and a thousand other things, the phrase "attitude of gratitude" came to me. Researching via Google, it hasn't been clear who might have coined that phrase. But Charles Swindoll's name came up many times, connected to gratitude.

Charles Swindoll is an American Christian pastor who has endeavored to teach us, among other things, about the importance of gratitude in and on our lives. And Swindoll isn't alone: Indian-born M.D./author/public speaker/alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra has been working to help us understand connections between gratitude and health for more than 30 years. American inspirational speaker Tony Robbins teaches us to claim our own happiness by recognizing and believing in abundance. The list of gurus and great teachers who work to lead us to happiness through gratitude is long...

As an artist, I have seen so often that many people -- I might even go so far as to say most people -- don't recognize details in their environment. And I think that extends to recognizing what we should be grateful for. So, let me start my days by listing some of the millions of beautiful and wonderful expressions in our great universe.

Today, while watching those birds, I heard a little "PEEK!" and knew that a woodpecker must be near. I looked up just in time to see a gorgeous little ladderback male, landing on a post in front of me. He then flew into the globe willow where he showed off his tree clinging skills.

"Peek!" Ladderback Woodpecker
on Globe Willow

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