Sunday, January 14, 2024

Avian Inspiration


Northern New Mexico - again, THE most inspiring place in the world for me. Textures pile on textures, smells and colors overwhelm me, sounds alternately excite and soothe. And these guys - magpies, the ultimate bad boys. SO gorgeous, SO fascinating, SO northern New Mexico.

April in the Taos area, husband Bill and I rented a delightful little B&B that faced an empty sage-y field backdropped by mountains. Sitting on the patio, enjoying morning light, magpies were putting on a show. They flipped and flopped through the sage, showing off and delighting.

Birds are an endless source of inspiration for me. I have watched them more than 65 years, learning habits, memorizing songs, comparing colors...delighting.

"Taos Bad Boys"

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