Monday, May 11, 2020

Chickens to the Max!

Chickens bring up a real mixture of emotions for me - I grew up with farming people. Farmers all had chickens. As a small child, I found chickens VERY SCARY. If you've ever been chased by a rooster, you know what I mean, and then there are other scary things in the chicken yard - like reaching into a dark area to find eggs (and finding a bull snake instead), having to rake and sweep in a chicken coop (ick) or stepping into a big wad of chicken-leavins...No, I didn't like chickens then and I don't think I like them now. BUT, that being said, they were an integral part of my early life -- from the early morning crowing to the day long clucking to fried chicken on the dinner plate to the feather pillow under my head at night.

My daughter, Diana, raises chickens. She has memories of her grandma Irene's "chickies" -- gorgeous little game hens. Here's a photo of Diana's favorite rooster, Maximilian.


Max himself is beautiful and inspiring -- look at those feathers! Fortunately, he stood still enough for this portrait!

"Emperor Maximilian Holds Court"

Of course, a Maximilian around here reminds us of Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph, appointed by Napoleon, who wanted favors! That Maximilian reigned as emperor of Mexico from 1864-1867. This guy looks pretty regal, don't you think? I still don't like that look in his eye! I used a tiny sharp knife to scratch feathers in the dark areas.

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