Monday, January 29, 2018

Love and Laughter

I have been inspired lately by love and laughter -- love for my lil stinker, Boogie (his name is really Bandit, but I call him Boogie unless I am yelling at him for chasing down and biting brother), and laughter at some of the things he does. Like drinking out of my coffee cup. Or tea cup. Or whatever I am drinking. You might not think cats like iced tea, but Boogie does. He likes the almond milk I put on Cheerios. He likes melted ice cream (but not Hagen Dasz Coffee, for some reason).

"Boogie Likes Cream in my Coffee!"
Love might seem like an obvious emotional inspiration, but how about amusement and even laughing out loud? The kind of amusement that makes you grab your camera? It worked for me here!

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